Production Firm – Website

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Our production firm’s new website is online.

Check: 0budgetproductions


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1. We are in the cut right now.

2. Release date changes – Sommer 2011

3. DVD release information soon.



For presskit, flyers and more information write an E-Mail to:

Time to read

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Transcription phase – END

More than 100 Pages now. Now we have to read, read, read the interviews and so on.

A lot of work till christmaseve!

Besides we are working on the music now.


More infos soon….

Material – Music – News

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Yesterday got more material for the movie.

Till the middle of next week, trancripting should be done.

Johannes and a friend are preparing some color grading tests on wednesday.

And we like to welcome „BEATBAUER“ in our team, making some nice electronic music for the movie.

Check him on facebook: Beatbauer Productions


More news to come…


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Graffiti Supply – T-Shirts – Art – Coffee
Everything right in Stuttgart.

Heilbronner Straße 7
70174 Stuttgart


You can find us on their Website, check the Links section.


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We are proud to announce – JOHANNES KRAUS – is going to cut the movie in January.
He is going to make that thing work.

Besides Johannes is co-producing the Music and Sounds with LuNiTune.

LuNiTune’s myspace





Paranoid Places – First Official Trailer

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Here is our first official trailer for the upcoming DVD of Paranoid Places. Stay tuned for more video footage to come.